Krok Investigation

During fall 2017, the children built, painted, and named a red giant they called Krok. As the months passed, Krok became the focal point of a wide-ranging, special investigation that spanned ideas of self, family, and community, caretaking, and accessibility and able-ness as Krok’s family grew to include a mother, Charlotte, and a father, Mr. Bucket. Creating Charlotte led to a study of the body and particularly the brain, which led to the building a giant brain structure that contained the children’s memories and favorite moments. As Krok and his family came alive for the children, storytelling and story-acting also became an important part of this investigation. Out of our community study of the Red Hook area, an interest in boats and fishing developed among the children, and the investigation culminated in a “fishing trip” for the family at the Urban Meadow in spring 2018.