After growing up in New York and graduating from Williams College, Anna began teaching in a Washington, D.C., charter school. In 2006, she moved to Mexico City, where she earned her Master’s Degree from the SUNY Buffalo program for International Educators. In her six years in Mexico, Anna developed and implemented the first Art program at the Early Childhood Center of the American School Foundation. There, she discovered a passion for working with children and teachers on interdisciplinary, inquiry based art projects, and cultivated an interest in academic leadership and collaborative curriculum design. From 2012-2013, she taught Humanities at the American International School Foundation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. As Early Childhood and Primary School coordinator, she oversaw an international faculty and staff of thirty, guiding them through a curriculum review and redevelopment process that culminated in a globally minded, progressive curriculum for children aged 2-14.  

Anna joined RHP in 2014 and took over the role of Executive Director in 2016.

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