Daily Log: November 2, 2017

An essential part of learning to write is developing your fine motor movements and a key ingredient to that are strong fine motor muscles. Many of the works in the Green Room help to support the strengthening of these muscles.  Some of these works are found on the practical life shelf, but not all. 

On our practical life shelf we have had such works as threading beads on to a pipe cleaner, using a spoon to move beads from one container to another, and a screwdriver work.  At the atelier we currently have a cutting work available, which allows the children to take pieces of paper and practice manipulating the scissors to cut it into scraps.  Also available are markers, crayons, and oil pastels for drawing.  Even the math shelf provides an opportunity to beef up these muscles.  Every time you need to lift a bead, acorn, shell, or pattern block you are using your pincer fingers to manipulate the objects.  Every day activities are also a place where we work on improving handgrip and developing wrist movement.  Every time the children open their lunch box or containers, twist a lid of a thermos or snap a lid back on a container and every time they put their coat on and zip a zipper or button a button to leave for outdoor play they are developing these skills. 

These tasks will help facilitate writing and further learning in the future.

(Green Room)
Written by Green Room Collaborative Teachers, Jamie & Tara