September 26, 2016

Hello Purple Room Families!

Today's post focuses on the Blue Room. As you might know, during our work time, we divide the class into small groups to work in the Blue Room, the Purple Room, and with Nora on Science/Garden (this often means a garden trip, though sometimes the children work on indoor science projects in the Multi Purpose Room). Today in the Blue Room, we started drawing our self portraits. Self portraits are an important part of our curriculum at RHP, and children typically create at least two self portraits throughout the school year--we begin with Sharpies and white paper to create a simple drawing of the self. We encourage children to look at themselves in mirrors and draw what they see. We help them to identify different parts of their face, as well provoke ideas by asking questions such as, "How many eyes do you see?" "Have you made your eyes on your paper?" This week, every Purple Room child will work on a self portrait--we can't wait to hang them up in the classroom!

During the Blue Room time today, Purple Room children were also able to paint, work with clay and use our texture tables (although this week they are filled with natural materials such as leaves, pinecones, and acorns). Children made boats, airplanes and pizzas out of clay. In the texture table, children used the different material as "garbage" and spent their time "cleaning up the garbage" with different tools that were in the water table. As children work with open-ended materials like these, we listen to their play and take note of their interests and ideas. Children's play sheds light onto their thinking, and as they play, we can see them exploring ideas, processing their experiences, and learning from their peers.

Some photos from the Purple Room's work time: