September 22, 2016

Today our Morning Message posed the question, "What is a calm body?" Now that we have been in school for a couple weeks, we felt that the Purple Room children were ready to share their own thoughts about how to be calm and safe at school. Many hands shot up as children thought of ways to have a "calm body" at school, and Sammy recorded the children's thoughts on chart paper as they shared their ideas. Below is a list of how to have a "calm body."

Be quiet during meetings, and at rest.

Participate: sing along to songs, and raise your hand during meetings. 

Listen when teachers and kids are talking.

When you get crazy and you get a message, take a deep breath and stop.

Close your eyes at rest, and stay on your mat.

Walk in the classroom--never run.

Always keep your hands to yourself--no hitting.

Walk around furniture--don't jump over.

As we've mentioned before, allowing children to create their own rules gives them ownership over their classroom, helping them to better understand and value the rules. We were impressed with how many unique rules the children thought of--the meeting went on for longer than we expected, as almost all the Purple Room children had something to say about how to be calm and safe. After this conversation, we had a great day, referring back to our ideas about calm bodies whenever children needed reminders.