September 21, 2016

This morning we presented the Brown Stair, a work from the Sensorial Shelf) to the Purple Room. During our classroom presentations we show children ways to use different works. Five of the Brown Stair blocks had been on our shelves since school started, but we recently put out the rest of the Brown Stair (it is a set of 10 brown, size-graded blocks) and we wanted to show the class a different way to use them. During the presentation, the group was silent, interested in the material and how Abby was going to arrange it. Abby showed the children how to get out a mat, and how to get out the Brown Stair, bringing one block to her work mat at a time. During work time, children went straight to the Brown Stair and other materials on the Sensorial Shelf. Children carefully carried one block at a time over to the rug and then proceeded to carefully build. They worked with great focus and interest, as they spent nearly the entire work period playing around with different arrangements and then turning the work into an airport game.

We are also so happy to report that the Purple Room children are absolutely loving daily read alouds. Each day, we gather on the rug to read a book, and the room gets silent, the children completely enraptured by the story. Today we read Mr. Gumpy's Outing, a book about a man named Mr. Gumpy who takes his boat out onto the river. Many animals also want to take a ride on his boat, and Mr. Gumpy reluctantly agrees, but tells each animal not to do the one thing that makes each animal unique. While short and simple, this book highlights a handful of new vocabulary words for us, and each new word was an opportunity for discussion as the children tried to figure out their meanings. The children also loved making predictions about what will happen next, especially once all the animals were on the boat. A few children correctly predicted that the boat would tip over, and one child wondered what would happen, as none of the animals had life jackets. 

Below are some photos from work and playground time. Enjoy!