September 20, 2016

Hello, Purple Room families!

This week, we introduced several new works to our shelves. It's been an exciting first few weeks of school, and after getting to know the Purple Room children, we now feel confident introducing more complex, challenging activities. The children have noticed all their new work time options, and have been busy exploring new materials on their own and with their friends.

One of our new math works is the Red Dots and Numbers, with wooden numbers and red counters. Many children can already identify their numbers, and so we've been working on ordering the numbers and using the red counters to count out the quantities. This Montessori material is designed to not only provide math challenges but to challenge children to organize their work and their thinking. Many Montessori works like this one have multiple steps, encouraging children to slow down and think about their work. For the Red Dots and Numbers, children first line up the numbers in order from 1 to 9, and then they count out the quantities with the counters, starting with 1. 

In yesterday's blog, we talked about the beginning of our small group language work. This week we also began our small group math work in the afternoons. Our first topic is sorting. As we move through our math curriculum, we'll be spending two- or three-week periods working on a topic, introducing progressively challenging concepts as the year continues. This week, we have been sorting our Unifix cubes by color. In small groups, children have been working together, each choosing a color to sort out first, and then divvying up the rest of the colors amongst each other.