September 19, 2016

This morning was our first morning of the year we weren't able to go to the playground. Instead, we divided the class into two groups, and took turns being in the Multi Purpose Room and the Purple Room. In the Multi Purpose Room, children built with our hollow blocks. In the first group, children worked together to make a large train. The train was extensive and contained beds! The train traveled all over the place, including a long layover in Pittsburg. The second group took a different direction. In the second group, children built different ice cream shops. Children took turns selling and serving ice cream. In the Purple Room, these two groups participated in yoga, meditation and movement games. The children really enjoyed doing yoga, especially at the end when they had a chance to make up their own poses and share them with the group.

Today we also started our small group language activities. Each day a small group will be working with either Sammy or Abby on different literacy activities. This week, our activity is name identification and name tracing. On our Language Shelf, we put out a name tracing work--laminated cards with the children's names printed on them. To use this work, Purple Room children first find their name card and then trace the letters with a marker. After tracing, we've been asking if children are interested in writing their name on their own. Name identification and writing is one of our first big literacy goals for the group, and we'll be spending a lot of time this fall focusing on our own names. Our morning routines of signing in and checking in a name stone also reinforce this goal.