September 16, 2016

NOTE: Please bring in any unused plastic bags at home! ALSO I'd love any ceramic or terra cotta pots with water-catcher dishes AND/OR just any unused water catcher dishes. 

Hello! I'm Nora, Science and Garden Teacher and I will be working with both the Purple and Green rooms all year. 

This week in the Purple Room we spent a whole work time exploring our compost worms and our snail habitat. Green Room kids took turns spending their work time meeting Moon, our bearded dragon. 

Purple Room children got a chance to hold worms and snails and feel how they move. We compared their bodies and tried to identify body parts, which proved to be quite difficult with the worms. All the groups really wanted to try to physically emulate these creatures. Children took turns pretending to be worms or snails and tried really hard to move their bodies without using feet, hands arms elbows or knees. "It's hard being a worm!" one child who was trying particularly hard to move exclaimed.

Children also drew diagrams of the worms and snails, trying really hard to draw exactly what colors and shapes they were observing. 

Some observations:

"He's actually moving on my hand!"

"They slither"

"It feels so soft/smooth/cold on my hand"

"I think the snails are going to eat the worms"

"The body of the snails is grey, the worms are brown and reddish"

"The snails are better climbers"

On Fridays in the Purple Room we've started microscope work time. Today we looked a dead fly that someone had swatted earlier in the day. The eyes were incredible! We also looked at a small sample of worm castings from our worm composter. Earlier in the week during our worm bin exploration a student had noticed something barely visible moving in the tiny clump of soil.  So today we put a small sample under the microscope and indeed we came across dozens of tiny baby worms wriggling around! This was so exciting.  The worms were see-through so we could really see everything in their bodies and they moved in such interesting ways. Kids made more worm drawings based on this experience. We've attached a video from our microscope work today of a worm wiggling across a microscope slide.

Have a great weekend everyone!