September 15, 2016

Please remember to be checking your child's cubby basket and taking home any handouts, projects, belongings, etc daily. Thanks!

Greetings, Purple Room families!

This week, we've had our first Question Table with the Purple Room children. Question Table is a routine that we use with the children to gauge their interest, gather ideas, and spur discussion/future activities. Our question this week has been "What is a family?" As we begin our school year, talking about family helps to lay the groundwork for our classroom community--each child's identity is rooted in their families, which is why we have chosen to dedicate time to talking about family and why we put up family photos on our family wall and in the children's cubbies. The Question Table this week has forced children to think and talk about their own families, and we have encouraged children to think about the differences between each other's families, and between family and friends/teachers. We've also been especially interested in talking to the children about differences between families.

We've gotten a lot of unique responses from children as they mull over their own ideas and definitions of family. We've included some of the children's words below.

"Daddy and mommy. I don't know. Me."

"It takes people to school. They have to go to work. Everybody has a family. Every grownup has a family."

"A kind of person you love like all day long."

"Everybody that is in your family. I don't know all of the places but I know all of their houses. Your grandma and your dad. But some got died."

"A family is somebody that you really know. A family means he lives close and also you know him really well."

"Families are different."