September 13, 2016

Reflection Meetings are an important part of our day at RHP--as children listen to each other share about their different experiences working, they learn about their friends and their interests at school. This morning during our Reflection Meeting, children shared their work experiences. Everyone listened intently as children shared what they did during work time--we could tell that they were interested in what their friends had been working on. To help children express this interest, we explained that they could ask their friends questions during a meeting to learn more about something. We reminded children that questions are things that we want to know that we don't already know. As we continued our meeting, we encouraged children to ask questions if they'd like to know more about their friends' work.

Yesterday we started sharing our family photos. Each day, a couple children have been sharing their family photos in a meeting. We've been having them sit in a chair, show the photos, and talk about the people in the pictures. At the end of their turn, their friends can ask questions about the photos and/or their family. Children have been commenting a lot on what they "like" about the different pictures, and they are interested to hear stories about each other's experiences outside of school. Children are excited when they hear a family member that they also have in their family, while other children comment on things that they have in common, such as, "I went to Rockaway too!" After each child has presented their photos we hang them up on our family wall where everyone has a part of their family in the classroom.