February 22, 2016


This week we are continuing our investigation of animals. With the introduction of new nonfiction books about different animals, children are beginning to drive their own learning as they explore these resources. Today during work time, a couple children gathered on the rug and flipped through a book on sharks. A teacher came over and together, they explored the different topics of the book, asking about the headings, blurbs, photos and captions. This exploration generated new questions and greater excitement and interest in sharks and sea life in general. Here is a short list of some of our new questions about sharks:

-How does [food] move [through an animal's body during digestion? Does it just fall?

-How does the baby come out of the mama's belly?

-Can you talk underwater?

-Why do people eat sharks?

These questions indicate how children are connecting with these ideas, demonstrating their growing interest and understanding of sharks, animals, and sea life. We will encourage the children to begin thinking of ways to research answers to these questions and others in the next few weeks.

This week in our language small group work, we will be exploring rhyming words. In these small groups, children will be working together to find "matches." These matches will be words that rhyme together. Some examples of these pictures are "red"/"bed" and "hen"/pen." In these small groups, children will each have the opportunity to have their own turns to explore and think about what sounds they hear when saying each word, as well as help each other to think about how some words rhyming while the others do not. Children had to really think about each sound that each word made as they said the word slowly.