September 12, 2016

Hi Purple Room Families!

Today was a busy day in the Purple Room. During work time today, the Blue Room was open for both Purple and Green Rooms. Melissa, our art teacher, and Laura, one of the Green Room teachers, worked with children in the Blue Room on group collages that we'll hang in shadowboxes, and they also built in the Block Area. After work, we came back together as a class and had a Reflection Meeting, in which we ask children to reflect on their work time with their friends and teachers. One child who had been in the Blue Room raised her hand and said that she "played with new friends" from the Green Room. Today we also began having lunch and rest with the Green Room children. We're excited for the Purple Room children to get to know their friends in the Green Room this year!

After work during Reflection Meeting, we also came across our first problem as a group. When children got up from the rug to go to the bathroom, their friends wanted to save their spots. This was frustrating for some children, since when they tried to sit down, their friends would tell them that that spot was saved. This presented itself as the perfect moment for us to discuss our first class "rule." We asked children to give a thumbs up if they agreed, and we decided that children can save their friends' spots on our rug. As problems come up throughout the year, we will use class discussions and voting to solve problems and make a set of class rules.

Our Read Aloud was It's Mine by Leo Lionni, about three frogs who have trouble sharing. Children loved the part at the end when what the frogs think is a rock ends up actually being a toad!