May 9, 2016

This morning, another story writing group continued working on the illustrations for their book. They had chosen to use Sharpie and watercolor for their pictures, and so they worked on finishing these pictures during work time. Each child made a page for the book, listening closely to the words for that page and then including those animals in their drawing. The finished drawings look great, and we're excited to laminate the pages and put this book on our shelf for children to flip through!

We also continued full-force with our coral project this morning. We had three groups this morning sewing blue fabric for the water, painting our finger coral structure that we made last week, and working on papier-mache for the brain coral. The classroom was buzzing with activity, as almost all the children were working on different aspects of the investigation. The Purple Room is so invested in this project--the pride and enthusiasm that they lend to this work is clear as they engage deeply in these projects for long periods of time.