May 6, 2016

As Anna W. wrote yesterday, we spent the early part of this week using plaster, tubes and cans to make coral "stems" for our classroom reef.  Late this week, we worked as a whole group to turn these stems into colorful coral, using visual references to inspire creative use of materials.  We asked kids to pay particular attention to the shapes and designs they noticed in the many types of coral we've looked at, and to try their best to replicate these designs using found materials.  We were excited to see that the class truly embraced this challenge, developing numerous techniques along the way!  We noticed kids using tubes to "branch" their coral, twisting wikisticks into intricate shapes, and creating "mouths" and "tentacles" with bottle caps and strips of paper.  It's inspiring to see this inventiveness, and to watch as the kids generously share their ideas with their classmates!