May 25, 2016

Since so many of the early flowers in the Summit Street garden have already lost their petals, this weeks group was able to open many different ovules to see what "eggs" or seeds were inside. We discovered so many different kinds! We've now completed both our bee and flower study and hopefully made an important connection about the symbiosis between bees and plants, and by extension, us. We use the flowers of non edibles in our dissection because all the parts are large and easy to see, but we have discussed at length that the process is the same for a lot of the food we eat too. Today's groups seemed very impressed that all of the tiny seeds inside a tomato can actually grow up to be a plant bearing many tomatoes of its own. "That would be like a hundred tomatoes!" said one kid. "No, a million!" hypothesized another. 

We've even been able to observe some bees on flowers in the garden with the pollen bags visible on their back legs! This has been so exciting to be able to actually witness pollen gathering in action. So exciting in fact that many kids quickly forgot about the fears than nervousness that some of them feel about bees and eagerly leaned in to have a closer look!