May 24, 2016

This week, we are continuing to work on the subtraction board, as groups of children work together to create different equations for each other. Today, a pair of children worked together, playing different games with the numbers, realizing that when you subtract a number from itself you get 0! It is exciting to see how Purple Room children are beginning to notice different patterns and rules about numbers.

Today we also began doing a new language activity in the Purple Room. Purple Room children have been really interested in our word wall (under our large alphabet on the wall in the classroom). Today we started having children contribute to the word wall by writing the words themselves. After children find the word in a book that they would like to write (engaging with research on their own), they copy the word, and then draw a corresponding picture. We will start hanging these words on our word wall, to help the Purple Room write more words involved in our investigation. 

Here are some photos from our work time: