May 23, 2016

Malcolm, our class betta fish, is becoming a much loved fixture of the Purple Room. Children check on him throughout the day, observing him and the contents of his tank. In the past few days, we've noticed algae growing on one of the shells in his tank. Today, we had a discussion about this. Children were very curious about the algae, and rightfully so--it seems to have appeared out of nowhere! We generated some questions about the algae, which we will look to answer in the next few days.

-What is algae?

-Where did it come from?

-Will it grow tall and turn into a "plant" in the fishtank, since we don't have a fake plant in the tank?

-Is it bad for the fish? 

As we wrap up small group story writing and book making, the last group decided to act out their story and a teacher took photos of them in the different parts of the story. They used hollow blocks to make a coral reef, and then pretended to be sharks, sea urchins, jellyfish, and fish. We are so excited and proud of all the great stories and books children have created, and we can't wait to share these with all of you!