May 20, 2016

This week we are working with children on exploring more subtraction. We have been using the addition/subtraction board as a way to visualize the concept of "taking away" numbers. We have been using our number rods. Children start this activity by choosing two rows of numbers. By placing the smaller rod under the larger rod, children count the different between them to see the difference between the two numbers. Children have been doing this work in groups of 2-3, giving each other different equations to try. 

This week for story writing, small groups have been using clay to mold the scenes in their stories and then teachers have taken photos of the scenes. We used these photos, along with the children's words to make books from the children's stories. Working with clay in a more directed way has been such a rich experience, with children squeezing, rolling, pinching, etc the clay to form different types of coral, fish, sharks, and rocks. Using the clay more representationally pushes children to think more deeply about the forms of these animals, and making the different features provides great opportunities for children to explore different clay techniques.