May 2, 2016


The Purple Room was so happy to return from break today! Throughout the day the classroom was buzzing with excitement--children were eager to share stories from their vacations, see their friends and get to work. One child brought in pieces of coral from her trip to Puerto Rico, which we looked at during our meeting and then set out at a table during work time. Children studied the small pieces, noticing how each piece looked different--one piece had two holes that made it look like a skull. Several children chose to sketch or trace the coral pieces.

In the afternoon, a story writing group from the week before break got back together to make the illustrations for their story. When they had first written and spoke about making the pictures, they decided to paint the drawings, so this afternoon they got to work painting their pictures. Throughout the week, these groups will revisit their stories and make the illustrations together. This provides a great opportunity for the class to learn about different types of illustrations--the other groups will use a variety of media (clay, collage, drawing, loose parts arrangements) to illustrate their stories.