May 19, 2016

This week we continued with flower dissection in the Purple Room. As this new project is a natural extension of our work with bees and bee hives, this is another chance to solidify a lot of the vocabulary and basic concepts from our last lesson: nectar, pollen, fertilization.

A lot of discussion about dissection itself has come up. "To dissect is to look inside," one child confidently exclaimed. But are these flowers alive or dead? Hmm - this required a bit more thought. 

"They don't have hearts or brains"

"The ones that are sticking straight up are alive and the ones that are bending over are dead." 

"Well they're in water so..."

"When we dissected the fish the fish was dead."

And after we cut the flower up into it's various parts: "Now it's really dead."

Kids had lots of thoughts about the various flower parts themselves as we took them apart and tried to work out each parts' function. 

Petal: "It feels like butter," "I see little bumps, little spikes"

Ovule: "It's the bone of the flower"

Seeds/"Eggs": "They look like tiny pieces of salt"

Smell:"It smells salty," "It smells like my grandma's house, like her pool," "Like strawberries"

Stem: "It's wet inside"

Students are very excited to use the iron to press petals and other flower parts onto wax paper. Our collection on the Purple Room door is growing!