May 17, 2016

Today during our morning meeting, we asked children to see if during work time they could try to challenge themselves by working with a different material. Before we went to work, the Purple Room shared their ideas about how they wanted to spend their work time engaging with materials that they do not usually use. At this meeting, children talked about working in different areas of the classroom, as well as trying different shelf and small group work that they usually do not use. During work time, we noticed children coming out of their comfort zones, trying new works, and also new challenges. Throughout our work time, Purple Room children came up to us, sharing their work experiences and explaining what felt difficult for them. After our work time, we had a reflection meeting, where children had the opportunity to share these experiences with their peers, and to ask their friends what was challenging about the work they completed. When asked if children would be interested to try this more often, the entire class put up their thumbs!

Here are some work time photos: