May 16, 2016

We're nearly done with our first chapter book--Here We All Are by Tomie DePaula. We've been reading one chapter a day during our Read Aloud time. In today's chapter, Tomie's grandma comes to visit and brings lots of food! After listening to the chapter, many children were reminded of their own grandparents, and shared the different things their grandparents do when they come to visit. We can tell that the children are relating to this book about a kindergartner and his family, and through discussion and conversation, they are deepening their connection to and understanding of the book.

Last week, we had a spontaneous discussion about where the world came from, which led to our talking about the first animals that ever lived on Earth. A few children were familiar with the Big Bang Theory, and they explained this theory of how the Earth was formed, along with other planets a long, long time ago, when there was a gigantic explosion in space. One child theorized that inside the rocks that exploded was the Earth, and that after the Big Bang, the Earth came outside of this rock. Hearing this theory of where the Earth came from, we wondered: what was the first animal? This morning, Sammy shared with the class what scientists have discovered--that the first animals ever were sea sponges that lived 640 million years ago. Children thought about this, working to wrap their minds around this fact. We thought about how sea sponges have very different bodies from humans--they don't have bones, skin, or legs! The Purple Room is eager to learn more about animals from a long, long time ago, which is something we'll be considering as we wrap up our investigation.

Here are some photos from work time!