March 9, 2016

This week we are learning about weight through exploring with our balance scale. Many children are already familiar with the concept of weight after being weighed at the doctor, though using a balance scale to make comparisons is a new concept for many children. This afternoon children compared the weight of glass stones with pattern blocks, which are made out of wood. We held the materials in our hands to feel how heavy or light the materials felt and then placed them on the scale, noticing which side went down. We learned that if a side of a balance scale goes down, then it's heavier.

After a very exciting week dissecting fish we are returning to things terrestrial.  This week in science kids are finishing up their plant pressings and mini-gardens. Please let me know how their plants are faring at home! 

Here are some kids' thoughts after getting up close and personal with our sprouted seeds: 

"We watered it. And you keep watering it and have more sunshine. Then if you do that it will grow."

"But how do they drink water if they don't have a mouth?"

"They got cold and fell down. I put too much water on them."

"Maybe it grew and grew and grew and broke out of the seed."

We are getting ready to move on to new things, and coincidentally it seems like we are in the midst of a season change. We've all been so excited to be outdoors, feeling the sun on our skin and again exploring found natural materials. 

This week, inspired by the play of some students, we are starting to make birds' nest in small groups. We'll start thinking about what a mama bird, her eggs and brand new baby birds might need in their home. We are collecting natural materials and designing/weaving our own nests and outfitting them with all the amenities a bird family might need.