March 8, 2016

This morning, Uma brought a very large shell of a Horse Shoe Crab. She showed the entire class the shell, and explained where it had come from and where she thought that it lived. Children began asking questions, wondering if the Horse Shoe Crab was a predator or a prey. This began a whole group conversations about what they thought the Horse Shoe Crab ate. The Purple Room made a list of different animals they thought the crab would like to eat. These things were: sea weed, shrimp, sea horse, sea plants, tiny crabs, krill, clams, and tiny fish.

After reflecting on this work, we did some class research to discover that so many of our guesses were correct! Horse Shoe Crabs in fact eat small clams, crustaceans, worms, and algae.

We are getting to a point in our work where children are really using so much of the information that they already know, to try to answer the questions that we have. Purple Room children knew what animals did eat krill, so they reasoned with themselves, wondering if Horse Shoe Crabs could also eat krill as well.