March 7, 2016

This week, we're taking more time to work on inventive spelling. This has been an exciting step for us as a class--for some children, it is their first time trying to spell out words on their own! For these children, we help them say and stretch out the word(s) that they want to spell and support them with writing the letters in their notebooks. We're also supporting children who might be ready for bigger writing challenges, like writing out several words to form a sentence. Regardless of where children are in their writing development, we take great care to allow them to write with unconventional spellings. This enables children to truly experiment with letter sounds and apply their knowledge to write out words. 

Today, at the end of our work time, Zach Stertz (Theo's Dad) came in as an fishing expert. Following up from last week's fish dissection, children had questions about the process of getting the fish from the ocean. Zach told us about the tools (e.g. lures, hooks, fishing rods) that you get fish from the ocean. He also showed us photos of different fish that he had caught in the past. It was interesting to see the different sized fish compared to that of Zack or Theo holding up these enormous the fish. Zach told us about "catch and release" and how he throws many fish he catches back in the ocean to grow bigger.