March 31, 2016

This week in science Purple room kids have become little farmers. A group helped to plant the seeds for future crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cabbage. Others helped prep our growing spaces in Summit street garden and the Amazing garden by aerating the soil and adding compost. We found a ton of worms which is a great sign! we took time to turn the soil over using trowels and hand rakes, then each student got a chance to use the big digging fork to get up the roots of some of the bigger weeds and turn up some of the deeper soil. We then planted the seeds for our earlier crops: peas, some herbs and flowers. Kids practiced using their pincher fingers to take just one of various sized seeds to carefully place in the holes they'd made. They then gently covered their seeds and got a chance to use the watering can. We can't wait to watch how everything grows! 

This week in our Language work, we are focusing on rhyming words through poetry and books. We have been reading different Dr. Seuss books, as well as a lot of different rhyming poetry (most having to do with the sea life). As a class, we have been reading all this different material together, and then coming up with different words that rhyme - similar to a work association game, thinking of as many words that rhyme together as possible! Sometimes, children have been stringing their rhyming words together to create their poems, other times they incorporate them into a longer poem. Some poems that children have created are:

- "Kale, Bail, Fail, Pail, Fill, Dale, Whale, Vail" 

- "Fish Dish:

The fish was in a dish. 

The fish wished that it could be in a house. 

The fish had a door. 

The mouse was near the fish. 

And the fish ate the mouse. 

And then the family got a new mouse."

- "There was a fish

who went in a dish

a fish had a dish

the fish ate the cat

and they got a new cat and

the cat ate the fish."

Here are some photos from work time!