March 30, 2016

A few weeks ago, while children were drawing homes for sea animals, one child made "a blue rainbow" to represent water.

This choices sparked some conversation among her classmates, and their interest in the topic of color led us to offer a color mixing exploration in the atelier.  Using trays as palettes, children have carefully mixed colors, "saving" the ones they like as swatches on paper.  This kind of work is meditative and relaxing, while asking kids to focus on the organization of their work space as well as the aesthetic experiences they're having.  It's so pleasurable to watch the children slowing down to approach color in a pure way, and we've loved overhearing the conversations that have resulted from the shared experience of this work.  Some highlights:

"I did black and yellow, and it made seaweed!"

"White and red is pink.  That color is lollipop."

"It reminds me of the night.  The bubbles are the stars."

"I see it's getting lighter when it dries!  Look!  Right now it's starting!"