March 3, 2016

After dissecting our second fish (a mackerel!), we took the opportunity to do a bit of math with the fish parts. One child had suggested that we measure the fish, and in our math curriculum, we had planned to explore weight, so we saved a handful of the fish parts and used a balance scale to compare them. Children enjoyed predicting which parts were heavier and lighter, and watched in fascination as Sammy weighed the parts.  

Over the past week students have been revisiting the seeds they planted a while back to see what's been happening. There are seeds at all different stages of development in jars cups and trays under the grow lights. We've been taking them out and examining their parts, trying to articulate exactly what's been happening to them. "They grew!" is a common observation, but trying to express exactly how all that new plant matter came from inside the tiny hard seed is proving to be more challenging. Kids are very sure that light and water have something to do with it though! This seems to be very intuitive. 

Children are making plant pressings or prints with some of our sprouts, essentially freezing them in time. The pressings display the parts of the plants nicely and are a good way to examine and preserve a child's thoughts about this project. Hopefully they can revisit their prints and reflect on their developing thoughts about new growth in the future. 

Purple Room kids are bringing home mini-gardens in cups labeled with signs they made from seed catalog pictures (what's growing in the cup is not usually what's on he sign as we only have a few seed packets available currently).  They are very proud of their plants! If you'd like to continue to watch your plant grow please do transplant it to a larger pot (or cup or Tupperware) and place in a sunny window! Water when soil seems dry (a little bit every day is good). Pleas let us know what you observe!