March 24, 2016

This week we had an exciting visitor, Jenelle (Sebastian's mom) came to visit us and share her knowledge about Horse Shoe Crabs. Before she came, Purple Room children brainstormed questions to ask Jenelle. We remembered what we learned about Horse Shoe crabs when Uma brought in the shell a few weeks back. Jenelle shared her expertise and showed us her photography and videos from her experience with Horse Shoe Crabs.

Purple Room children thought of fabulous questions. This year, we have been thinking about what a question is: something we don't know, that we want to know. Look at the thoughtful questions that Purple Room children had!

- What is inside of a horse shoe crab?

- What do they do in the water?

- How do they swim?

- How fast do they move?

- What do they eat?

- Do horse shoe crabs eat fish?

- Do they have names?

- How do horse shoe crab make their home?

- How good is their eye sight?

- What size are they?

After getting back from the playground, as a class we made our snack! Each child sat at a table and made their own sun butter and bread sandwich. This activity practices fine motor skills, working different hand muscles as children use their spork to spread the sun butter on the pieces of bread. Children loved preparing this snack for themselves--it was great to see them independently spreading and putting their snack together.