March 23, 2016

Purple Room kids have continued thinking about and constructing nests this week. It's been so interesting observing how people are choosing their materials. Some kids want to use natural materials and make their nests look just like the real ones we've studied, while others prefer to use "human-made found objects" like string and fluff (which we also observed in real birds' nests) and other more fantastical materials like pipe cleaners and pom poms. Here are some kids thoughts: 

"They're built with sticks in a circle. They're for the birds. It's practically their home."

"I see feathers. The mommy bird sits on them to make them warm." 

"They can't live on the ground because people would step on them. Nets protect them."

"When it's morning their mom gives them breakfast. She gives them worms."

"To make a nest you need sticks and a tree. You need to find a branch."

"Nests are only made of things that are hard on the outside and soft in the middle."