March 22, 2016

Today, we started a new element of our investigation. In the past few weeks, children have been interested in the actual size of different animals, asking how big different sea creatures actually are. During our morning meeting asked children how big they thought a dolphin was. Some ideas children had about the size of a dolphin are:

"Long, but not tall"

"Dolphins are half the size of a whale"

"Bigger than the whole class"

"This table"

"It's bigger than a teacher"

"This big" (holding their hands out)

"30 ft"

"Medium sized"

"1 cm"

"10 meteres"

"3 ft long"

"7 cm"

"A baby dolphin is this big" (holds hands close together)

"It's as big as a kid"

"Definitely smaller than the school"

"Smaller than the Purple Room"

"As big as a giant"

After our meeting, a small group thought about how they could find the answer to this question. Children thought about first looking in a book. We looked through the book, and with the help of a teacher found the section of the book, titled "size." We learned that there are many different species of dolphins, but many of them are around 7 feet. We decided to use the measuring tape to see what 7 feet looks like. Once we found the length, we made a tape line on the floor to show the length of a dolphin's body. After we had found the actual size of the dolphin, one child in the group asked if we could "draw a 7 ft dolphin." We did, including the different body parts, and labeling them as they were made.

After our reflection meeting, as a class, we thought about what is bigger and smaller than a Dolphin. Children had ideas, and many children did not agree with each other, wondering how they could figure this information out. We plan on continuing to investigate size in the coming weeks, comparing the different sea life to each other.


Smaller than a Dolphin:

porcupine puffer





sea turtle


Bigger than a Dolphin:


great white shark

humpback whale


whale shark

blue whale