March 21, 2016

This week we began learning about poetry as a class. Last week we informally introduced poetry by reading Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae, a collection of poems about sea creatures. After hearing some poems already, children are beginning to understand what makes a poem a poem. We're learning that some poems rhyme (though they don't have to), and that poems play around with words and sometimes get a little silly! Today children began writing their own list poems, inspired by a poem we read during morning meeting, called "Things to do if you're a pencil." Children worked with a teacher, dictating their poems and drawing illustrations. The Purple Room children really loved writing poems--some stayed at the table writing one after another! Here's one child's poem, entitled "Things to do if you are a cow."

"Give your baby some milk

Eat grass

Say, 'Moooo!'"

We are continuing our study of symmetry this week, this time exploring three-dimensional symmetry through block building. This afternoon, children drew their own symmetrical block plans and then constructed them in the Block Area. It was interesting watching children translate their 2-dimensional plan into three dimensions, trying to keep both of them symmetrical. For some children, block building enables them to achieve a complex and representational quality that they wouldn't otherwise be able to achieve through drawing or other open-ended materials. We look forward to seeing how each child approaches this challenge this week!