March 2, 2017

We're getting so excited for our trip to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday! Today in our Morning Message, we mentioned that our trip is coming up, and we asked the Purple Room what they thought we'd see at the museum. A couple children told us simply, "Dinosaurs!" We then asked what types of dinosaurs we'd see, and what parts of their bodies we would see. Before going to work, children drew pictures of what they anticipated seeing at the museum on Sunday. Here are some of their words.

A mom triceratops, a dad, egg, a palm tree.

A gorilla, T-Rex. Decorations down below.

I saw this at the museum--a meat eater eating a plant eater.

This is the T-Rex's mouth. But then the T-Rex is gonna eat the world.

Teeth, a meat eater's teeth. There's a wall and these stone teeth are hanging on a wall. 

Anticipating what we'll see is helping us to get ready for the trip. Once there, the children will be able to confirm their predictions and record their experience through drawing a picture on their trip sheet. We can't wait to go on the museum, and are excited to see the ways that the trip extends and enriches our work at school.