March 17, 2016

Today in the block area a group of children worked together to build different homes for animals. Before going into the block area this group met and made a block plan. Together,  they drew different "houses" where their animals would live. This group worked together for the entire work time! Each of them worked on different homes, checking in with each other as they worked. "Wow, look at your tall home." "You have so many animals in your home!"

Some words from the children on their work:

  • "We build a bed for all the animals. The animals were inside the bed"
  • "I built a giraffe home, a elephant home was next to the elephant home and they were neighbors"
  • "It was a clown fish lived in a coral. I made a sea weed house."

After talking to Zack, Theo's dad, last week about fishing, the children were so interested in fishing and lures that we decided to order some lures for the classroom! This afternoon, we borrowed a texture table from another classroom and the children had a great time playing in the water with shark figures and lures. This sensory play and exploration was so much fun for the children--they loved holding and examining the lures, playing with the sharks, and getting their hands wet. Games of predator and prey also came up, as children took the sharks and lures and pretended to make them swim in the water, diving down to hunt for their dinner. Today was the first time we had this choice open, and we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of games arise and how children incorporate the different concepts we've been learning about into their play.