March 16, 2016

This week, we are continuing to work on inventive spelling. In small groups children are working with teachers to tell ideas, stories, or words. Working at a table with children gives them friends to discuss their ideas with, and support each other when needed. It is exciting to see how Purple Room children use their letter identification and sound symbol correspondence skills to work at their own development level. Children are comfortable writing at their own levels, and are truly comfortable experimenting with writing the sounds that they are hearing.

Some examples from this weeks work are:

"Grandma gives us treats."


"I walked to my Nana's house."


"This is my garage. Just cars."

" 'uh oh,' said the cat, because she is lost."


In the atelier over the past few days, we've continued our work on the food chain mobile that we started last week.  During each work time, small groups constructed one stage of the food chain, sketching and selecting materials before building.  It's been interesting to watch how the children's knowledge has informed their artistic choices, and I've been especially excited to see the connections they are making between the physical properties of the animals we've studied and the materials they've chosen to represent them - note the use of screws for shark teeth, sequins for fish scales, and tiny green beads for plankton!  These objects were all chosen by the children, and reflect their developing understanding of sea animal anatomy.

Large predator:

Carnivorous fish:

Small Herbivores:


Once all the parts were complete, we assembled our mural, thinking about what eats what.  The squids went into the stomachs of the fish, and the fish went into the stomach of the shark.  Our complete mobile is hanging above the Purple Room cubbies; take a look next time you're at school!