March 15, 2016

This week we are generating ideas in response to a question posed by a child last week: "Where do fish sleep?" We invited the kids to share their thoughts on that by sketching their imaginings of what sea creature homes would look like, and what they would be made out of. We were interested to see that about half of the sketches featured coral reef habitats, and several more detailed the way a fish might dig under the sand to create a home. Both of these habitats were chosen for their safety components - the coral or sand would "hide" the fish from predators. Safety - particularly how animals have control over their own safety - has become one of the big ideas threading through this investigation. Here are some examples of sketches from today's animal habitat mural:

Animals just live in the water! That's their home.

A hammerhead shark uses its fins to put sand on top of its body so it can be warm and cozy in the night. Like a nest.

This is where a clownfish lives, in a coral reef. It's smooth on their skin.