March 14, 2016

Children returned to school this week to find a slew of new works on the shelves! Abby and Sammy presented the Water Dropper Work. Both works were both challenging and popular during work time, and children had to negotiate turn-taking and sharing them. With the Water Dropper Work, children used droppers to put colored water into a placement pad. This activity requires a great amount of control, as children need to only squeeze out one small drop into each suction cup on the placement pad. Today we put out fuchsia and blue water, which we mixed to make purple water. In addition to the challenging aspect of this work, children loved mixing colors and working with water.

In Math this week we are learning about symmetry. We explained the concept--some children were familiar, and they explained (with help from teachers) to their friends. In the afternoon, children worked on symmetrical designs with stickers on black paper. Teachers prepared the paper with a line down the center so children could use that to guide their symmetrical designs. This was a great activity for children to strengthen their spatial sense, as each time they put a sticker on one side, they needed to put it in approximately the same area on the other side. Children's symmetry designs will be going up in their gallery spaces this week--take a look in your child's gallery space to see their work from this activity!