June 3, 2016

This time of year is a crucial time for the delicate plants in our garden spaces. They need near constant water and attention. The Purple Room has taken in a lot of this responsibility and has started thinking more about water itself. Purple room kids this week have been asked about many properties of water- it's smell, it's taste, where it comes from, where it goes to.

"It smells like the sprinklers"

"It tastes like nothing, like my water bottle"

"It's so cold, I was thirsty" 

"Water has special energy." 

We have been exploring different objects to find out more about how they interact with water. Kids choose an object and guess if it is going to sink or float and then drop it in he water. Sometimes we are surprised by the result! A heavy ball of wax floats, while a lighter spork sinks! Rubberbands seem to float at first, then sink after a while. Tiny rocks and shells sink, while a large piece of wood floats. After this experiment kids are given materials to make boats. They boats have been very successful and move quite fast when blown. 

We also looked at a map of Brooklyn and all the waterways that surround us. Hopefully after these experiences we all have a deeper idea of how water sustains our lives.