June 15, 2017

At the beginning of June, we made a countdown calendar with the Purple Room children to begin counting down until the last day of school! At the end of each day during Goodbye Meeting, we sit as a group and a kid crosses out that day of school on the calendar. Then we count together how many more school days are left until summer vacation. 

We've also been talking a lot about how we're feeling as the end of the school year approaches. Yesterday we had a conversation about how everyone is feeling about the end of the school year. Many children said they felt happy, sad, or a combination of the two, and we also mentioned that the children may feel nervous or excited about the end of this school year. After this discussion, the children drew pictures about how their feeling and/or their summer or next year plans. We also borrowed the Green Room Goodbye Book, which talks about the end of the school year, different summer plans children might have, and next year plans for children. It touches on possible feelings the children might be having about school coming to an end such as excited, happy, sad, frustrated, angry, nervous and perhaps unsure or confused about how they feel. In the book we remind children that it is okay to feel all of these different feelings and if you are not returning to RHP next year, you can always come back and visit.