June 15, 2016

This week the last group of Purple Room kids experimented with water and made their boats. Part of our discussion is a challenge to find descriptive words for water (taste, smell, touch) aside from "nothing". Some kids this week thought water smelled cold, like the pool, like raspberries; felt smooth, bubbly, soft;  and tasted like the sprinkler. 

For our sink/float experiment, the Purple Room has collaboratively developed something called "The Float Test." When we initially drop something into the water and it seems to float on the surface, it's always a good idea to test it by pushing the object all the way down to the bottom and seeing if it still wants to rise to the surface. By doing this test we have realized that several rubber bands, a coiled pipe cleaner and some small plastic animals that initially seemed to float actually stayed on the bottom after performing the float test. 

We've also been discussing all the ways we use water. We know we have to drink water to live (as do plants) and we use water to take baths and showers. We also know we use water to wash dishes and cook some foods like pasta (steam!).  When studying an aerial map of Brooklyn we can easily find the ocean and all the other water ways, including all of the piers and ports along the edge of our borough right near our school. This has brought up another way humans use water- to transport goods and people from one place to another on... BOATS! We've had so much fun making our styrofoam boats and experimenting with how wind or our breath moves our sails. Boats have been coming home with students and hopefully will provide much bath time entertainment.