June 13, 2016

As the year winds down, we are asking the kids to reflect on their school year in a variety of ways. This week, we are asking them to think about their favorite event or experience of the year, tell their classmates in a reflection meeting, and draw a picture of it. So far, this has been a very sweet ritual - the kids are taking the question seriously and choosing things that left them feeling proud, or joyful, or connected to their classmates. Here are a few examples of the responses so far:

My favorite part of the year was both music classes. I liked all the songs that Adam sang.

My favorite part of the year was making my man-o-war. I liked the tentacles.

My favorite part of the year was learning that sharks do not have bones, they have something called cartilage that feels squishy.

My favorite part of the year was playing Frozen at the playground with Hazel and Orly.

My favorite part of the whole year was planning my Back in Time Machine. I liked drawing it, and building it in the block area.