June 10, 2016

This week, we have been completing the construction of our sea creatures. One child worked on making a clown fish, and had the idea to teach others how to make the same fish. In doing this, he decided to make a fish factory. This week during our work times, children have gathered to help each other create more small fish to hang in our coral reef. We have been using plastic eggs and other materials, and will include them in our reef! We are excited for you all to come check in out next week during the exhibition.

This week for her book share, one child brought in a National Geographic Kids that featured sea life, including coral reefs! She was excited to share this with the class, since it related to our investigation. Flipping the magazine to the spread on coral reefs, Sammy read a paragraph that compared coral reefs to cities. We considered our own reef that we've been constructing in the block area, and the animals that we plan to place in and around it--it definitely reminded us of a city with apartment buildings, stores, and people. Looking through the National Geographic Kids also was an informal introduction to magazines for the class. Some children knew about magazines already, and we had a quick discussion comparing and contrasting magazines to books. We talked about how we read magazines like we read books, except they are made of a different type of paper and have paper covers instead of hard covers. We also learned that magazines come every month or every other month, unlike books that tend to only get released once (with the exception of series).

Here are some photos from work time: