June 1, 2016

This week we have started our Book Shares. Each day during our Book Share schedule, children will present their books to the class, telling their classmates what they like about their book, and told some facts about what happens in the book. After the child tells the classroom about the book, teachers read the books. Yesterday, our book share books were Benny's Brigade and Charlotte's Web. We read Benny's Brigade in its entirety, and the first chapter of Charlotte's Web. For Charlotte's Web, we talked about how the book is a chapter book that some children are already familiar with, and that we have played as a rest story. For Benny's Brigade, children enjoyed thinking about the fantastical elements of the story (it's about a tiny walrus that gets stuck and then comes out of a nut shell).

As we prepare for our upcoming exhibition, one child reminded her classmates that her brother was blind and so wouldn't be able to see all the photos and work that we are planning to display. We talked with her about how we can make sure the exhibition has different parts for him to touch and hear. Ensuring that our exhibition is accessible for our family members is important to children and teachers alike, and we'll work hard to make this happen in the next two weeks.