February 3, 2017

This week we had exciting work times. At the beginning of the week, we put out several new works, which inspired a lot of focus and collaborative work. One of the works that many children decided to explore was the geo-boards. These are wooden boards with nails in them, and children stretch rubber bands to create different shapes and designs. This is a great work for small groups of children to work on together as there are three different boards to use. Today, children even connected all three boards together to make one massive board. Once a child has made a design, teachers have been checking in with them to notice the different shapes that they made. Together, they can see that putting many rubber bands on the nails create many different large shapes. We chose to put this work out, to support our math small group work. We have been learning shapes during our small group work, so this work provides an opportunity to practice this skill. The geoboards are also a great tool for fine motor development--it takes a surprising amount of effort and coordination to stretch the bands across the boards!

Have a great weekend!

Here are some photos of the geo-boards as well as some other new works: