February 25, 2016

Yesterday, we were inspired to write a group story and turn it into a book after reading a book written by the Blue Room. We decided to write a story about a Goblin Shark, and children took turns telling parts of the story. Today, a group of children worked on illustrating the pages to the book. Children thought deeply about the different characters in the story and who needed to be on each page. Children work collaboratively to help each other think about what each page could be like, suggesting ideas to each other. We laminated the pages and are excited to share the final product with the group tomorrow.

The Goblin Shark

by The Purple Room

Once upon a time there was a Goblin Shark who had a mom, dad, and baby sister.

It fights a Great White Shark.

And it lost and found another Goblin Shark.

A girl Goblin Shark.

The Great White Shark ate it’s mom, dad, and baby sister.

It got lonely.

The animal doctor came over and cut the Great White Shark open.

The family came out.

The Goblin Shark saw the belly was cuttened and ate the Great White Shark.

The End.

This week we introduced the Sound Cylinders to our Sensorial shelf. The sound cylinders consist of two sets of wooden cylinders that children shake and listen to the sounds. To do this work, children must shake each cylinder from one box and match them to the one that sounds the same from the other box. This is a challenging task for teachers and adults--it requires great control and concentration to listen to the two different sounds and determine whether or not they're the same. We have also been having teacher-led presentations to show children how they can work with the new materials on our shelves.