February 10, 2017

Hello RHP Families, 

This is Melissa, happy to report that this week we are in the third phase of our track making exploration, using the clay sculpture technique of impressing to make dinosaur tracks. 

We look at illustrations in the book Dinosaur Tracks of dinosaurs walking, noticing how their feet make impressions in the soft ground. These tracks hardened over time and serve as a record of the size and shape of dinosaurs' feet. A scientist who studies dinosaur tracks is called an ichnologist! 

We use our hands to flatten play dough to be our soft ground and impress toy dinosaurs into the material to make dinosaur tracks, including both 2 footed dinos (theropods) and 4 footed dinos (sauropods). The children love making tracks, incorporating curves and sound effects into their dinosaurs' travels. 

The children share lots of observations and questions while they make tracks. 

The footprints look different. Cuz they're different dinosaurs. 

The two footed dinosaurs are the bad guys. They eat other dinosaurs. 

I think the T-Rex has a tummy ache. 

But where was the people?

While the group plays, each child works with me, practicing impressing by rolling out some salt dough, selecting either a 2 footed or 4 footed dinosaur toy, and impressing its feet in to the material. They also stamp the first letter of their name in to the dough. The children experiment with how hard to press down to make their impressions. 

While the salt dough dinosaur tracks bake in the oven, I (pretty terribly) sing "We Are the Dinosaurs" by The Laurie Berkner Band and we pretend to be dinosaurs stomping around, making tracks. We try out marching like theropods and sauropods. 

We finish by looking at some photos of hardened footprints from cement sidewalks near our school. What do you see? What might have made these tracks? The children have lots of theories. 

What has three toes like that? A bird. And a dinosaur!

The work that we made in the second phase of our track making exploration, our animal track mono prints, are hanging on the wall near the Green Room. Please take a look. 

Have a great weekend.