December 21, 2016

And that's a wrap!

Today we completed our food drive. We started our day completing the last can counting of our drive. We counted to 202! It was exciting for us to see how we could reach a number as high as 202. After we completed our last count, we loaded up our cart and the Purple Room walked the cans over to the 76th Precinct Police Station. We walked into the station (very quietly) so everyone could see inside of the station. Once we got inside, we dropped off all of our cans in a big pile of all of the other food donations. When children walked into the station, many police men came over to greet the children. They said "thank you" to the Purple Room and told them what a great job they did collecting all of the food. It was so great to let them be a part of this process. Children were able to see people outside of our small RHP community react in such a thankful way to what our collective community did.