April 6, 2016

As we wrote last week, one strand of our Ocean Life investigation has been the interest kids have taken in color.  To extend their experience mixing and naming different shades of blue with paint, we've introduced another way of working with color to the atelier.  We're using rectangles of the blue fabric families donated (thank you!) to arrange "gradients" of blue.  In some ways, this work is reminiscent of another favorite Purple Room work:  the Montessori Color Tabs.

Unlike the Color Tabs, though, the shades and tones of blue fabric don't correspond to each other precisely.  We love hearing the kids debating the merits of different arrangements of fabric.  Once they've settled on an order, they get to try an especially exciting task: sewing their gradients into strips.  The challenging nature of this work, combined with its intriguing tools and adult implications, makes the kids extra dedicated to their work, and proud of their success!