April 5, 2016

This week, Purple Room children are working on numbers 11-20. This is our second week of studying teen numbers, and we are spending it working on counting and number writing. Children have been working with a teacher on completing a packet where they practice these skills. Writing numbers is a new and challenging task for Purple Room children, but we've been remembering our number writing rhymes as we write, which has helped us. Each morning when we count the number of stones for children who are here and not here, we write those numbers on our whiteboard for children to see and have a rhyme for each number. The rhymes are a great pneumonic to help children remember how to form the numbers. Ask your child if they can tell you some of the number rhymes at home this week!

Our Morning Message today asked children to try something new, different, or challenging. Before we went to work, children thought about how they could take a risk, and during our Reflection Meeting, we came together and discussed what part of our work was new, different, or challenging. One child told us that she tried sewing for the first time with Anna S--before today she had only watched her parents sew, and so trying it out for the first time was new and challenging all at once. A group of block builders explained that they worked hard cleaning up the blocks, which was challenging and time consuming, as they'd used every block on the shelves in their building. One child who worked on math this morning told the group that it was challenging to write the number 2. Through taking risks, children are learning to broaden their interests, challenge themselves, and learn new skills. It is such a joy supporting a child who thinks he cannot do something--most of the time, this child discovers that he actually can do the thing he was reluctant to do!

Here are some photos from today's work time: